Dr. Robynne Chutkan

Dr. Robynne Chutkan – integrative gastroenterologist, microbiome expert, and author – wants to help you find your gutbliss!

On a Mission to Heal Your Gut

I created Gutbliss to share my integrative, commonsense approach to digestive health that I’ve cultivated over almost 30 years of medical practice. True health begins in the gut – and lots of diseases start there too. My goal is to help you pinpoint the root cause of your GI problems and provide you with the tools to heal your gut from the inside out – avoiding prescription medications with harmful side effects whenever possible. Better digestive health is within reach. Knowledge, like food, is powerful medicine. 

Meet Dr. Chutkan

The first book to connect the dots between specific health problems and your microbiome, plus a plan for replenishing and optimizing the vital ecosystem in your gut.

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The Gutbliss Podcast

If you’re more interested in microbes than medications and are on a quest for stool nirvana – you’ve come to the right place! Join Dr Chutkan for a fascinating road trip down your digestive superhighway.

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A clear strategy for gut health and restoring optimal health

Mark Hyman MD

Author of The Blood Sugar Solution

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Read the latest news and research from the Gutbliss Blog. From the most up to date research on the microbiome and digestive disorders, to the best in gut-derived beauty and wellness, we are your complete guide to gut health.

Digestive Center for Wellness is now Virtual!

Whether you suffer from a serious autoimmune condition like IBD, want a second opinion on how to manage SIBO, or are just looking for relief from constipation and bloating – we’ve got you covered with integrative solutions that address the root cause of digestive distress.

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