January 17, 2019

Anesthesia Negatively Alters Gut Microbiome

General anesthesia negatively alters the diversity and composition of the gut microbiome. A 4-hour exposure to anesthesia (Isoflurane) in mice resulted in a significant decrease in microbial diversity and depletion of several commensal bacteria including ClostridialesAnesthesia & Analgesia

→Takeaway: Researchers conclude that anesthesia may lead to dysbiosis (imbalanced gut bacteria) in patients following an operation. If you have an operation coming up or have recently undergone general anesthesia, eating a microbiome-friendly diet can have huge benefits on gut bacteria diversity and composition, as well as the healing process post surgery. At Gutbliss we recommend following the Live Dirty Eat Clean diet laid out in The Microbiome Solution, and supplementing with daily green smoothies.